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Give your body some TLC during festival season

Give your body some TLC during festival season

As we are in the peak of festival season, and Instagram is bombarded with images of funky patterned dance tents, it’s safe to say that festival season is definitely back in full swing after it's lengthy, pandemic-induced hiatus.

With many flocking to festivals scattered across the UK both far and wide, we thought it was time to give all of our festival-goer-customers a bit of TLC advice. Don't worry, we've got you.
friends at a festival together


If you’ve ever been to a UK festival, we all know it’s easy to have a few too many tins of G&T or fruity cider! 

There’s really no other feeling more intense than waking up in a boiling hot tent at a festival with a pounding head, and an extremely dry throat from alcohol dehydration! With constant vibrant distractions all round, dancing, long walks, heavy bags, tins in hand, and (generally) very hot weather, festivals can make us feel very exhausted by the end of the weekend.

Here’s some trusty supplements you can take with you to help ease the sting of festival hangovers, and help you stay healthy during the festival weekends.

Milk Thistle

Although there’s no actual evidence to prove definitively that milk thistle can ultimately cure your hangover in particular, there's enough evidence to suggest that it can help repair and heal the liver. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and ingest milk thistle a few days before the festival so you can prepare your liver for the fountains of alcohol that you’re about to plough it with…


Milk Thistle vitamins by MOBU

When to take: Take milk thistle a week leading up to the festival, and see if it has an effect on your wellbeing after you’ve had gallons of alcohol and you’re not feeling like a human. Continue throughout the festival to protect your liver against toxicity.



Festivals are often home to some of the tastiest food vendors! But the chances are, you’ll be eating lots of fast foods for sake of convenience. Pizza, kebabs and noodles are all popular festival food vendor options. This might mean you’re not getting many vegetables or fruit throughout the weekend. Multivitamins can help make sure that you’re getting your supply of daily vitamins through a tablet form, so you don’t have to lug around a heavy cool-box full of plastic wrapped supermarket salads. Think of it as sprinkling some vitamins over your takeaway foods.

 Multivitamins by MOBU

When to take: Take your vitamins throughout the festival. It's important to stay hydrated 

Immune PRO
Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc & Selenium

This is a wonderful concoction of vitamins which, when combined - are the ultimate immunity boost! You know that moment as the festival ends, and you’re feeling very delicate, smelly, and overall just very sorry for yourself? Well Immunity PRO can help lessen that overall feeling of disgustingness, and make you feel like you could do the whole festival all over again! Okay, we wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a pretty decent supplement for when you’re struggling.

Immune pro tablets by MOBU

When to take? MOBU recommends taking Immune pro throughout the festival as your body goes through the motions of ‘let’s party!’ all the way to ‘I want to hide in my tent forever and never reappear’ so that you can feel more rejuvenated, giving you that final push to make the journey home!

Electrolyte Tablets

Festivals involve lots of drinking, and lots of walking, standing around in the heat, and dancing. 

It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated even more so during a festival, because it’s likely you’ll lose some precious electrolytes through your sweat and increased levels of urination. 

Taking electrolyte tablets can actually replace the electrolytes you’ve lost through alcohol consumption. When we drink, our body needs to work even harder the next day to repair the liver. This is why, when we’re hungover - it’s difficult to exercise - or sometimes, move.

Electrolyte Tablets by MOBU

When to take: Take electrolytes the whole way throughout the festival. You'll need to replenish your electrolyte stores continuously, as it's likely you'll lose extra through sweating! 

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