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The Benefits Of Vitamin D3

The Benefits Of Vitamin D3

We recently posted a YouTube video where we talked all about vitamin D, its importance in health, the benefits of supplementation and more! 

What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D3 is a hormone and vitamin that is produced in the skin after exposure from UV rays from sunlight. It can also be found in certain seafoods as well as in eggs and dairy products. Vitamin D3 is important in maintaining bone mineralisation, immune function, mood and more! In the video, we discussed the consequences of vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to a range of symptoms and can have a detrimental effect on bone health due to its role in calcium regulation. 

Why Are Vitamin D Supplements Important?

It is recommended to take a vitamin D supplement during wintertime because of the increased risk of vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight in the UK. Taking a vitamin D supplement can offer a range of health benefits, and studies have shown that it may be beneficial to individuals suffering from mental health disorders, and that it can increase muscle strength in individuals with low vitamin D levels. We also discussed the risks of taking too much vitamin D, as excessive intakes of vitamin D over a longer period of time can lead to toxicity which can have detrimental health effects.

Interested in learning more about vitamin D, its benefits, recommended dosage and more? Watch us break it down in our YouTube video below! 

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  • Hi, is it excessive to take one of the Mobu vitamin D3 5000iu and K2 100mcg every day as it mentions in the article about to much vitamin d can lead to toxicity? Thanks


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