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Meet Our Nutritionist - Sophie!

Meet Our Nutritionist - Sophie!

Hi there, I’m Sophie and I'm MOBUs in-house nutritionist! This post is dedicated to my background and journey in becoming a nutritionist - continue reading if you want to know more!

Why I Pursued Nutrition

I have always loved baking, cooking and anything to do with food - hence why nutrition was the perfect route for me to go down! I have a passion for healthy living which has led me to spend a lot of free time learning about importance of nutrition and the effects that the foods we eat has on our health. I have an interest and fascination with different diets and healthy foods, and I have tried a variety of different diets myself to see how they would affect my health - I even followed a strict plant based diet for 3 years at one point!

Changing my own diet and lifestyle in a way that’s made me feel happier and healthier than ever has inspired me to want to help guide people in their journey to do the same for themselves. 

My main mission as a nutritionist is to educate, encourage healthy eating, and help you form a better relationship with your health and the foods that you eat. My passion for health and nutrition, as well as my interest in working in a field where I can help people is what ultimately inspired me to pursue nutrition and enroll in a Human Nutrition BSc course. 

My Education & Experience Within Nutrition

I started studying nutrition in university in 2019 - my degree covered everything related to nutrition, physiology, metabolism, food production… I even had an entire module dedicated to neurophysiology - who would’ve thought nutritionists needed to understand neuroscience?! The degree allowed me to spend lots of time in the lab, shadow weight loss consultations as part of my work experience, develop my own food product, and practice lots of case studies so that I am qualified to provide you with tailored nutritional advice!

I worked in a supplements shop shortly after I graduated in 2022, which allowed me to become more familiar with different types of supplements and functional foods, and to interact with customers and gain insight about why people take supplements - I still think it is so amazing how something in a small capsule can make a big difference in people's health and wellbeing!

In January 2023, I started my current role as a nutritionist for MOBU. Working with MOBU has allowed me to spend a lot of time doing research and learning more in depth about specific nutrients and their benefits, as well as other supplements that can support health and wellbeing. It also continually allows me to work towards my main goal of spreading awareness about nutrition and supplements through blogs and social media, and provide tailored advice to help you improve your quality of life with the help of supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Nutrition is also a big part of my personal life, and a lot of the experience and knowledge I have gained is a result of my interests outside of work and university. I have a huge interest in developing healthy recipes, specifically healthy, whole food, nutrient dense meals. Creating food content has been a hobby of mine for years and is something that allows me to be creative and to have fun with food!

I am also passionate about fitness, and going to the gym and setting strength and physique focused goals has led me to do a lot of independent research about sports related nutrition to support my goals. Independent research is a big part of nutrition, as there is no right or wrong and it is important to form your own opinion based on the science that is available. 

My Thoughts & Approach

At the end of the day, being a nutritionist is about much more than telling you what to eat and what not to eat. It's about helping you understand and develop better relationships with everything that affects our health and wellbeing - including sleep, exercise, stress… the list goes on!

Nutrition can, in my opinion, feel very complicated and overwhelming. There is lots of conflicting nutritional advice out there and it can feel impossible to understand what and how you should be eating - it is therefore important to get your information from someone who has the right education and experience in nutrition.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet and lifestyle, which is why generalised nutritional advice can be really damaging, and it is important to have a flexible approach and an open mind. As a nutritionist I can provide advice that is backed by science, and my approach is to encourage you to make subtle changes to your diet or lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing.

Need some advice?

I'm here to offer help and advice, free-of-charge Tell me a bit about your diet and lifestyle and I'll respond with advice, tips and answers to your nutritional questions. Like your own walking medical journal. Hurray for science!

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